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No matter what career or area of discovery you want to explore, there’s a U of M college or school to prepare you for success.

No matter what career or area of discovery you want to explore, there’s a U of M college or school to prepare you for success.

Biological Sciences

TheCollege of Biological Sciences is devoted exclusively to the biological sciences. Hands-on learning prepares you for tomorrow’s biology. Experience team-based research where you’ll find solutions that help improve human health and sustain the environment, locally and globally.

College of Biological Sciences College of Biological Sciences Majors and Minors

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Seeing is believing

Chino Nwakama launched KidSTEAM with an eye to connecting more students with science.

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Hot, Dry, and Burning

Biochemistry undergraduate Amital Shaver spent the summer in Alaska learning to fight wildfires with an all-female crew.

Continuing and Professional Studies

The College of Continuing and Professional Studies is for those seeking professional or personal growth. Earn a degree, advance in your profession, change careers, or explore new insights. Experience flexible degrees and thought-provoking courses offered online and at convenient times.

Continuing and Professional Studies


Developing the right skills for the job

Ashley Plouff’s nontraditional path combines work and education to enrich each experience.


Bringing great health care to Greater Minnesota

U of M students in health services management are filling a much needed shortage in rural care.


The School of Dentistry is Minnesota’s only dental school—the regional source for dental consulting, treatment, and education. Experience discipline-based clinical instruction. Prepare yourself to pursue world-leading research or become part of comprehensive patient care that serves communities.

School of Dentistry Dentistry Degrees and Programs

News Release

Collaboration between aerospace engineering and dentistry develops new dental devices for the elderly

30 years ago,Stephen Shuman, D.D.S., M.S., never would have imagined he’d be working with aerospace engineers on...


Rachel Wians: A hate-love relationship with dentistry

Rachel Wians is close to earning her undergraduate degree in physiology, and already has her next step planned—dental school.


The College of Design is one of the nation’s most comprehensive design colleges—a leader in socially responsible, sustainable design. Experience hands-on collaboration in the classroom and with industry. Apply design thinking to meet challenges facing local and international communities.

College of Design Academics at College of Design


Design as a force for good

U of M students are making a global impact while learning the skills for a career in apparel design.


Dreams take flight

An inspirational course puts a student on an unexpected path of shoe design and international competition.

Education and Human Development

The College of Education and Human Developmentis committed to positive change in people's lives. Choose an area of focus within human services; health, sport, and wellness; organizational leadership and development; or education. Become an expert, prepared to shape your field.

College of Education and Human Development Academics at College of Education and Human Development


‘Terrifying, difficult, and thrilling’

Manju Connolly reflects on her first year of teaching math.


His greatest teaching challenge

Two decades into his teaching career, Rob Palmer is embracing an opportunity to reach truly nontraditional students.


Extension brings Minnesotans together to build science-based knowledge and expertise. Experience practical education in agriculture, food, and natural resources; community vitality; family development; and youth development. You can help meet challenges that cross state, national, and international boundaries.

Extension Website Extension Courses and Events


Cooking up better health

A University of Minnesota Extension nutrition education program meets teens where they’re at.


Green tomatoes take the cake

Master Gardener volunteers and Extension partners inspire kids in north Minneapolis to start a healthy desserts business.

Food, Agricultural and Natural Resource Sciences

The College of Food, Agriculturaland Natural Resource Sciences is a solution-driven college based in science in the areas of food and nutrition, agriculture, environment, natural resources, business, and education. Experience hands-on learning in critical and innovative thinking. Prepare for your career or graduate study.

CFANS Site CFANS Academics


Brewing a better fertilizer?

Naxo Riera Vila helped create a system that turns brewery wastewater into a substitute for traditional fertilizer.


Food systems: a full career menu

The University of Minnesota is preparing students for careers of the future—like food systems.


The Law School is oneof the nation’s top public law schools, with a public service core. Immerse yourself in experiential learning, team problem solving, and skills practice. Prepare yourself to tackle complex social, economic, and business issues of our time.

Law School Law School Academics


Saudi student makes Law School history

The first recipient of a U of M doctorate in law, Mohammed Al Mulhim is devoted to human rights.

Liberal Arts

The College of Liberal Arts connects real-world innovation throughout the social and natural sciences, arts, and humanities. Explore human histories, cultures, and languages. Develop perspectives and skills that prepare you to work and lead on a global stage.

College of Liberal Arts Academics at College of Liberal Arts


Telling Native veterans’ stories

John Little provides new perspectives on Native American veterans’ experiences during and after Vietnam.


Prepared for the future

A life-changing learning abroad experience and inspiring instructors have prepared Abby Yates for her future.


The Carlson School of Management is Minnesota's premier business school. Experience international learning and engage with the state’s vibrant business and nonprofit communities. Build leadership and teamwork skills to prepare you to succeed in a quickly changing global business environment.

Carlson School of Management Academics at Carlson School of Management


The power of data analytics

The University of Minnesota is preparing students for careers of the future—like data analytics.


Giving students a voice

Senior Simran Mishra has one question on her mind: “What am I doing for students today?”


The School of Medicine is one of the largest medical schools in the country. Experience innovative training and applied learning. Prepare yourself to play a role in building tomorrow’s medicine, shaping public policy, and advancing health care for all.

Medical School Degrees Offered


Healing words

A story slam helps physicians deal with on-the-job mental trauma.


Rekindling her culture

Future physician Teague Goodsky will serve Ojibwe patients in their own language.


The School of Nursing produces new knowledge and prepares nursing leaders. Apply the latest scientific knowledge and skills to provide quality care. Become part of team-based efforts to improve health for individuals, families, and communities.

School of Nursing Degrees and Programs


Back in her lane

Chloe Portela is completing a master's degree in nursing to realize her childhood career ambition.


A great escape is a perfect learning tool

Based on the worldwide escape room craze, the University of Minnesota has created interprofessional escape rooms that give healthcare students invaluable skills.


The College of Pharmacy is one of the nation’s top pharmacy schools. Experience pioneering education, plus researchand practice that shapethe field. Prepare yourself as a leader in patient-centered care to improve the health of people around the world.

College of Pharmacy Degrees and Programs


Students help create prescription drug repository

Two U of M students are helping to launch a prescription drugrepository that will help redistribute unused medications to people in need.

Public Affairs

The Humphrey School of Public Affairs is oneof the nation’s top public policy and planning schools. Acquire knowledge, skills, and experience to meet real-world challenges. Prepare yourself to play a key role at the local, state, national, and global levels.

Humphrey School


Tackling water sustainability in Haiti

Michele Girard emphasizes community decision-making in her winning Acara Challenge project.

Public Health

The School of Public Health is one of the world’s premier schools of public health. Explore a complex and far-reaching field. Acquire the comprehensive skills and training that prepare you as a leader in creating large-scale change for health communities.

School of Public Health Academics at School of Public Health


Finding her field

Recent biostatistics graduate Connor Jo Lewis won’t let cystic fibrosis slow her down.


A bold vision

Jake Maxon’s vision for HIV/AIDS treatment and prevention could become a model for counties across the nation.

Science and Engineering

The College of Science and Engineering is acomprehensive college of engineering and science, with nationally ranked programs in all fields. Experience hands-on research with leading faculty. Prepare for your technical or scientific career and tacklesome of society's great challenges.

College of Science and Engineering Undergraduate Majors


Anatomy of a gem: Outsized atomic models greeted ‘Jewels’ ballet fans

Student-created display revealed the molecular architectures of diamonds, rubies, and emeralds.


Making the impossible possible

A recent grad triumphed over long history of adversity

Veterinary Medicine

The College of Veterinary Medicine is Minnesota’s only veterinary college—is dedicated to better health for animals, people, and the environment. Experience internationally recognized education, research, and service. Discover new knowledge and skills toprepare you for a wide variety of successful veterinary careers.

College of Veterinary Medicine Education Offerings


Going mobile to stop pathogens

A new mobile lab helps scientists decipher where pathogens are going before they spread.


A chance to learn

Teaching Nick the cat to walk again is a unique opportunity for veterinary medicine students.

Colleges and Schools | University of Minnesota (2024)


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